Can ILG Be A Valuable Business Partner to A Large Corporation?


My Role with ILG Logistics

During my time with ILG, I’ve been working with one of our largest customers, a building materials manufacturer. As our customer has grown by adding manufacturing plants and expanding their business in the US, we have developed along with them. We value them as an essential part of our business and see them as more than numbers on a spreadsheet.

I have cultivated stable and reciprocal first-name-basis relationships with many of their employees. Most of them have been promoted into management positions :however, we still stay in touch and assist each other when we can.

There is a constant flow of electronic information between our companies, and this would be true of any two companies working together in today’s business environment. Here is where we feel we have an advantage. At this point, the numbers for us turn into loads that are processed by an experienced dispatcher, headed to locations where we know the warehouse personnel, shipped by carriers we know and trust those having already made deliveries to the receivers. We also serve as a buffer, screening the loads to double-check all the information is correct.

The ILG Difference

For example, Twelve loads came in one day from our customer shipping to the same address. Loads like this are sent over often with this customer. A large 3PL would see this, enter the loads, and send them directly out to the trucks as requested.

What is the ILG difference?

While reviewing the loads before sending them to carriers, I noticed that the customer’s Purchase Orders were inconsistent with what we have seen before. I called the store manager at the receiver to ask if he was expecting these loads, found there was a problem, and was able to resolve the issue. The additional care helped prevent extra charges and confusion, and my customer never had to know there was a problem.

For years, going the extra mile for our customers has helped ILG avert additional charges. A few examples being:

  • Identifying changes of address


  • Knowing about warehouses being full and unable to accept shipments


  • Remembering scheduled inventory days


  • Obtaining changed receiving hours and delivery appointment requirements


  •  Creating reports for our customers and their customers, as well.
    • Reports include delivery schedules and changing that schedule at their request for priority loads.


Add to this our customer’s ability, top to bottom, to contact me and receive a prompt response from someone who has worked with them for many years. I do not believe this level of service is provided by any other 3PL.


If you’re interested in having a relationship like this with a 3PL, give the experts at ILG a call today. See the difference we can make for your business.

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