As the World Turns, ILG Remains Grounded in Customer Service


Did you know that the earth continually spins at 60,000 miles an hour? 

Even as we go about our lives— attending weddings, enjoying meals, and sharing life, we are traveling at an astronomical speed. Nevertheless, we are anchored to life by the firm, ever- present pull of gravity. There is constancy provided by this invisible, irresistible axis of physics.

Similarly, shipping logistics run on lines parallel to this paradox— Freight travels at what can feel like time-bending speeds. And shipping nuances only continue to ramp up speed: For example, shipping mechanics that once took an hour now get processed in three minutes or less.

At ILG, the gravity that grounds us as a company, even as freight times tighten and speed up, is our commitment to outstanding customer service. Whatever speed the transportation industry operates, we serve our clients from a very down-to-earth foundational principle that their needs are our top priority.

We are deeply committed to learning how your business works, and we create tailored solutions that reflect your goals and your individual needs. Our clients use us as their top freight logistics provider because whatever their needs we deliver, they recognize that we seek to go above and beyond for them with every transaction.

As our clients invest trust in us, we in turn take every opportunity to invest in them with time and personnel resources. We answer questions and work to provide multi-tiered informational metrics. Specifically, we provide 24/7 professional care to our clients, assuring that they have access to us when they need it.

ILG works hard to invest in training our staff to give them a level of experience that you can leverage. And as your needs arise, we have invested the time to ensure that everyone you connect with has the knowledge resources to take the worry out of freight logistics. 

Our clients tout our personnel for their workplace integrity: They have a positive attitude that is refined by experience and founded on a committed work ethic. And as an aspect of our company culture, we are noted in the industry for the immense personal responsibility that our highly trained staff takes, with significant, solid attention to detail— As a result, our relationships with clients are long term and they trust us as their top logistics provider.

As we strive for excellence with each client, they recognize and note our efforts: 

“They are very nice people to work with, easy to book loads, load information is always accurate, appointments set properly, plus no hidden surprises. They have professional after-hours services, resolving issues as quickly as they arise.”

ILG is in it with our clients for the long haul: Whatever your needs, ILG has the resources and experience to go the distance to fulfill all of your freight logistical needs. And we are here for each of our client’s needs, at whatever speed the logistics world turns.

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