Shipping Logistics and The Ford Phenomenon


“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” 

– Henry Ford


Henry Ford’s greatest work of financial finesse will always be touted as pioneering the assembly line. Ford employed iconically American ingenuity and Michigan steel to forge the Ford Motor Company, one of the great empires of productivity and progress. 

If Ford was right, that success means achieving better results than yesterday, than ILG is prepared to meet that future with each of our clients.

And whatever shipping’s expansion, ILG is here today and tomorrow for the entire scope of your vision: Whatever the scale of your business or your intended project—ILG is here to be a resource to you: We pride ourselves on having exceptional resource-extension to perform freight logistics for organizations whatever their size, timeline, or logistical needs.

Whatever our clients’s needs, we tailor our strategy to ensure that strategic value and efficiency are infused into every transaction.

ILG, like Henry Ford, understands that success is built on the idea that to truly innovate, one must not merely accept the current benchmarks of progress: Ford famously said that,  

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Accordingly, at ILG we work hard to make sure that we are ever extending our resources for our clients, that we innovate forward while keeping a client focused mentality. 

As a company, we have also worked to expand our offerings on shipper types: We have the ability to expertly care for your freight needs: From hazmat to refrigerated, we’ve got your covered. And our project reach ranges from single pallet delivery to full-scale international shipments. 

And like Ford, we know that customer input is part of creating the standard of quality: While some freight logistics companies are all about front end sales pitches, and other logistics companies only make promises about timeliness, at ILG we’re concerned about every single aspect of your shipment: From quote to delivery ILG is here for every customer for every step of the way.

Because ILG knows that the innovations of tomorrow are already on the assembly lines of today, we work to be here to meet all of our clients’ needs: Whether you need to go to a trade show or need logistical expertise to get your shipping contents expedited, ILG has the resources and finesse to effortlessly rise to the challenge.

In partnering with us, our clients enjoy extensive flexibility; even when your needs are unexpected, ILG is here for you. Or even when we receive last minute pickup or delivery request, we strive to be organized and helpful. 

Over the long haul our clients have taken note of our exception service extension and performance:

“During our time working together, they have become our top carrier. We have used their services to ship international, full truck loads, less than full truck loads and one pallet expedited shipments.”


Even as things continue to rapidly expand and change, ILG is here for your business– whatever its metamorphosis may be. 

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