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In what has been described as the coming economic revolution, the Last Mile shipping sector is supposed to grow a shocking ten percent annually.

And ILG is here for our clients to meet that demand and make sure that they are equipped to grow with the economy. From adaptive technology, resources to scale, and client-tailored logistical solutions, to providing customer service focused principles of efficiency, and helpfulness, ILG is here to make your logistical needs a reality.

Specifically, at ILG we emphasize the use of both nimble technology, while putting a face to the needs of every single client. We want our clients to know that from quote to delivery, ILG is here for every customer every step of the way.

We also pride ourselves on the ability to scale to meet the individual needs of every single client… however tailored or heavy that logistical lift may be. At ILG whatever the scale of your business or your projected project—ILG can serve your needs. 

ILG has the resource-extension to perform freight logistics at both a micro-dynamic level for complex customer needs and according adaptability, with the capacity to partner with large scale operational requirements.

We like to note that our project reach is extensive– it ranges from single pallet delivery to full-scale international shipments. Whatever our clients’ needs, we tailor our strategy to ensure that strategic value and efficiency are infused into every single transaction.

As a company, we have also worked to expand our offerings on shipper types: We have access to expertly care for your freight needs hazmat to refrigerated. Our range of logistical offerings is varied: Whether our clients are needing to coordinate the shipping elements involved in a successful trade show or need logistical expertise to get their shipping contents expedited, ILG has the resources and finesse to effortlessly rise to the challenge.

Flexibility is also a key element of ILG’s logistically adaptive model.  Even when client needs are unexpected, ILG is here for our clients to make sure their shipment is fulfilled on time, every time.

That means that even with a last minute pickup or delivery request, we have striven to earn our reputation in the industry as a company that doesn’t just handle the final mile, we go the extra mile.

We also strive to be organized and helpful as guiding principles. The behind the scenes work at ILG is also efficient to its core. We know that our operations have to run seamlessly even in places that aren’t seen by clients. Our consistent commitment to a strategically organized inner-hierarchy lends itself to a company culture that is capable of being helpful to our clients, as their needs shift. 

These guiding principles have given ILG a reputation for adaptability and significant extension on behalf of our clients, many of whom have chosen us as their exclusive carrier:

“During our time working together, they have become our top carrier. We have used their services to ship international, full truck loads, less than full truck loads and one pallet expedited shipments.”


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