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In shipping logistics ILG’s business model is unrivaled in the industry, and our competitive edge springs from a single principle: We believe in people first.

This rule has struck us as common sense, but it’s also been strikingly effective. From our carriers and our employees, to the way we treat your customers— we are uncompromising about our relational approach to logistics strategy.

As part of this strategy, we have developed a cooperative POD team to handle our clients’ logistical needs: Each POD is an interdependent web of four people with highly defined roles that work in tandem together. Internally, our employees trust their team and the ILG leadership to be sincerely engaged with their needs. They know that as logistics issues arise, they have other team members to troubleshoot with and rely on to get the job done well.

Our system makes us both efficient and reliable. As a result, we have virtually no employee turnover. This is an exceptional anomaly in the transportation industry!

As our client, you’re primarily going to engage with our Customer Rep. 

Customer Rep.They are the team captain for the POD; it’s their job to communicate with you, and relay your needs to the team. Brett enjoys going above and beyond for our customers, doing whatever it takes to make sure their needs are met and their orders are fulfilled on time. 

And behind the scenes there are three other roles at play:

Carrier Rep –They cultivate carrier relationships, and they will source new capacity as we gain new lanes and continually onboard new carriers for existing lanes to ensure the customer’s needs are always met. 

Driver Rep – Responsible for all tracking, tracing, and document collection. This person is calling on every load that ILG has tendered and is in transit, dispatched for pick-up, or out for delivery. 

Sales Rep – They are the customer’s go-to person on any big projects or RFQ’s, they are there to ensure a smooth transition to the ops team to make sure that discussed expectations are met and communicated.

We’re deeply proud of this model. And it’s generated symbiotic stability for our business and our clients.

But our principles extend beyond just ILG’s house. Our clients want and enjoy long term partnerships with us because of how we treat them, and because of how we treat their clients. Essentially, your clients’ concerns are our concerns. With the POD system, we stand behind our people so that they are your efficient client support network. That team means that you can keep your word for every shipment, every time. 

“The service (Brett Matson) offers is supreme, above the rest. He works hard to win the deal, then continues with making sure the customer is aware of the deliveries, the expectations when the drivers arrive, to including updates from the time the driver is to arrive at our location to updates about arrival time at our customers delivery locations… Never once was I looking for answers or felt that it was our problem.” – Dawn~ Winsted, MN  

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