ILG’s Tech Finesse Moves Freight Forward


ILG Logistics has made substantive investments in the best tech across the logistics field. We know it takes a definite level of finesse in adapting to new technologies that meet our clients’ needs, but we also know how imperative these adaptations are. ILG embraces the fact that the transportation industry evolves ever more rapidly, and today we’re offering a look forward to some of the tech that’s transforming the future of logistics. 


As part of our commitment to the most revolutionary freight tech, ILG utilizes Revenova as our TMS which has open-sourced API integration available so that we never fall behind when new technologies come to market. It’s also cloud-based so our employees are able to work from wherever they need to. Using this software meant that we didn’t miss a beat when the COVID-19 Virus struck. Employees’ quality of life and satisfaction has also improved as a result of this flex-work model.

Order Entry

A matter of minutes: At ILG we work tight deadlines because we know that minutes add up and our clients’ time is extremely valuable. In fact, we employ HubTek’s RPA bot to enter orders, which takes just 2 minutes after receiving as opposed to manual entry which can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes. In this business, every minute counts and we prefer our people working on booking trucks rather than entering orders.

Back Office Automation  

Exceptions that make the rule: Our back office team works toward maximum efficiency through their utilization of HubTran. This software works to scan and assign documents to the loads that they are associated with. Our investment in this tech allows our Accounting team to focus on efficiently addressing processing exceptions.

 Carrier Payment Outsourcing 

We show them the money: At ILG we make sure to maintain strong, stable relationships with carriers. One of the ways we do that is to utilize top of the line payment software that allows carriers to take their payment terms into their own hands with ACH and Check options. Specifically, we use TriumphPay to pay almost all of our carriers. With this software, they also have a 3-day quick pay option to speed up the time it takes to get them paid. This is done at an industry leading 2% cost of freight to them, which undercuts most factoring companies out there. 


We just onboarded Project44 to help assist our Tracking/Tracing department. This allows for less calls to the carrier and more exact information when a customer calls us looking for an ETA. This has been really helpful for our job site deliveries because we can text/email a direct link to the job site supervisor so he can have a crew ready to unload right when the truck arrives on site.

 New Tech

A Matter in Motion: We’re also excited to be in the process of developing a customer portal where customers will be able to quote and book their own LTL shipments. Our clients will also be able to view where trucks are currently in transit.


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