ILG Values: Creating Client Trust With Functional Transparency


“People with vision master the ability to see through to the heart of issues and investments. They value transparency.” –Robert T. Kiyosaki, Acclaimed Best-Selling Author

If the mastery of clear insight is the better part of vision, then ILG has built a legacy of transparent resources and ready availability to our clients.

ILG Logistics operates on the principle of client trust, which we’ve developed through implementing a high level of transparency in our communication both in terms of our insightful, clear metrics and in our availability to our clients. Our authentic commitment to the value of transparency is strategically realized through our communication model:

First, ILG provides our clients with accessible metrics. In shipping logistics data is akin to principle, and strategic insights facilitate our clients’ ability to make intelligent, informed decisions. 

Facilitating comprehensive data for our clients has required our team to invest both time and resources into tech that delivers meaningful insights. We believe that is key to ensure that clients can be confident of their decision making paradigm.

And we recognize that the return on that investment into transparent data metrics has paid dividends in the form of creating a culture that fosters client trust. We leverage our expertise in the freight logistics industry to go the extra mile with communications as part of our ongoing commitment to practicing a workplace culture of integrity. 

For example, other shipping logistics companies create frustration through obscuring the numbers around tracking. There are few aspects of shipping that are more frustrating than the receipt of ambiguous responses (or no response altogether) on the state of a client’s freight. By stiff contrast, it has become standard for clients using other brokers to feel like they are chasing down their own freight. 

But we deeply understand the imperative need to have time sensitive, transparent data on shipments. Our robust offerings of freight tracking data, ensures that your shipment tracking is simplified and you receive actionable intelligence.

Secondly, at ILG we ensure that we are available to communicate with our clients around the clock. While many logistics brokers neglect ready communication, we strive to ensure that you have access to a representative at any time of day or night, any day of the week. We recognize that those we partner with are operating in a sphere of both the urgent and important, which functionally demands utterly clear data metrics.

As a leading freight broker, we are committed to your goals and invested in your success and your customers, which we ensure through partnering with the very best carriers, tailored to your freight needs. Ultimately, our integral value of transparency helps fundamentally facilitate our vision of ongoing growth for our clients.

Our consistently transparent communication hasn’t escaped the notice or appreciation of our partners. They’ve commented that, “Not a week goes by where someone on my staff doesn’t compliment your operations. The consistent, accurate, and timely information that is provided surpasses most we deal with. We value the relationship and appreciate how you conduct your business.” –ILG Client

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